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Welcome to Unified!

At Unified, our vision is to create better lives for the people that we proudly serve. For over 115 years, we have been helping our customers achieve their financial goals. By offering quality products that create value and delivering only the highest level of service, Unified truly sets itself apart from the competition. We also take great pride in steadfastly supporting the communities in which we operate, making them better places in which to live!

Our name, Unified, means to bring together or make one. In the very near term, we will be “unifying” our banking organizations by joining our teams. Effective October 15, 2018, First National Bank (FNB) of Powhatan will be merged into Unified Bank. We are truly excited to have you become a valued member of the Unified Family and look forward to introducing you to our expanded product offering and serving you at our many other offices throughout the Ohio Valley (and beyond). At Unified, our goal is to always be by your side and meet all of your financial needs… whatever they are!

We’re delighted to welcome you to our bank family! We are strongly committed to bringing you the same prompt and friendly customer service that you have come to expect from your financial services partner.

What’s Ahead for You...

We want your transition to Unified Bank to be a smooth process and an easy experience. For now, please continue banking as you currently do… using your same account numbers, checks, debit and ATM cards. You can also continue accessing your account information and transacting your business through the online systems that you currently use or by visiting the Powhatan Point branch location. While visiting the branch, you will be pleased to see all of the same friendly faces of the people that you know and who have served you well over the course of time.

Within the next couple of weeks, you will receive a welcome packet that outlines important dates and product related details associated with this transition. This packet will also include frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) to give you more specific information relating to this process and provide you with answers to the questions that you may have, giving you peace of mind that we are here to help you through this change and with all of your needs

Once again, welcome to the Unified family. Always by Your Side!


Scott A. Everson
Chairman, President & CEO

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